21 May
Bringing the latest trends into your living spaces
Bringing the latest trends into your living spaces

We’re starting the summer with joy and lightness. Freshness is not only returning to our homes, but it is also bringing new trends to the interior design sector.

The decors in the Innovus Collection are ideal for bringing elements of these trends into your upcoming projects.

Sustainable materials inspired by nature and with a neutral colour palette, such as rattan, wicker, natural wood or stone, in combination with simple, functional designs create a living concept that is both cosy and harmonious, as well as practical and affordable. Our Karlstad Oak Pale (M6323), Canasta (F2323) and Camouflage (L5207) decors are ideal for bringing this trendy look into your own home. Textures inspired by nature can be included by using the Geres Ocean (FLIS10), Burlap (FBURL) or Avocado (L969) designs.

In contrast to this are bold, vibrant colours with almost maximalist designs. The bold colour trend conquers hearts and celebrates every day with bright yellow shades, such as Eternal Oak (M6349), Graceful Blonde (M6327) and Deer (L5236), a rich wood structure like Mystic Wood (M9334) and the vibrant pattern of Roma (F2322).

Metallic materials are often used for accents, such as Metalines Silver (F2319). The positivity and variety that comes with the bold colour will lift everybody’s spirits!

In essence, the pursuit of interior design that offers comfort, affordability, sustainability, innovation, timelessness and multifunctionality is the common thread in all design trends.

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24 November
Authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications
Authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications

The new Innovus Collection finds inspiration in nature and culminates in the desire to bring a greater feeling of peace and tranquillity to indoor spaces.

"Matching our nature" is the concept of this collection, which is the company's most sustainable to date, and not just in terms of the high durability of the innovative products.

It explores four different concepts that are part of our lives – Emotional, Sustainable, Functional and Social – and proposes a selection of decors and textures aligned with trends to inspire consumers in their projects and challenges.

In the emotional area, we selected a group of designs that convey sensory messages that bring life and an audacious touch to any environment.

     - WoodWork (M6329) is the perfect choice for trendy modern living furniture, kitchen fronts and innovative projects. Its deep brown shade in contrast with black and red tones creates an impressive and striking result.

     - In the same shade – and ideal for cosmopolitan designs – we present you with French Echo (M6343), an exceptionally versatile decor inspired by Italian walnut. The combination with the Fusion texture underlines the colour movement, the veneer-like tactile feel and the visual elegance.

     - Deer (L5236) is our suggestion for a neutral yet stimulating unicolour that can be combined with woods and neutral decors. Its modern yellow hue brings the warmth of the sun into interior design.

In the sustainability area, we are increasingly focusing on taking a minimalist approach, through sustainable proposals that result in a very natural appearance.

     - Karlstad Oak Pale (M6323) presents a very light, natural oak shade with gentle tonal variations that suggest movement but create a homogeneous appearance. It’s a classic and timelessly beautiful decor ideal for all areas of application, in combination or as a base colour.

     - Canasta (F2323) is a unique reproduction of woven rattan fibres, carefully intertwined and with a tangible feel. It offers a sustainable look, an organic shade and is ideal for special projects and applications.

is present in the multifunctional decors that are easy to match and that provide a discreet, comfortable atmosphere.

     - Gentle Maple (M6347) is a new interpretation of maple with a clean, elegant structure, finely adjusted in terms of colour play. A comfortable and versatile decorative solution for elegant and fresh living furniture, as well as kids' furniture, office applications and mindful projects.

     - When talking about classics in furniture surfaces, linear veneer striped layouts are certainly one of the most notable themes. Eternal Oak (M6349) is the answer for a renewed, upgraded, 21st century version of this classic decorative surface. Detailed down to the last pore, this decor is the best solution for timeless projects.

Finally, as social beings, we need designs that reinforce the versatility and performance of the spaces that are part of our daily routines.

     - Veneto Crystal (F2309) is a discreet reproduction of stone in tranquil and harmonious shades. It’s part of a selection of more subtle fantasies that are easier to combine, which has been launched in the market as Artwork references.

     - Graceful Blonde (M6327) stands out for its less traditional walnut tone and its light natural colour. The pleasing layout of this elegant and versatile walnut decor will fit in perfectly with classic furniture construction, contract fittings and modern interior design

From the simplest to the most complex and daring designs, it’s easy to find the right decorative solution. Whether woods, fantasies, unicolours or a mix of all of these, Innovus brings innovation and beauty to our living spaces.

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14 September
A peaceful ambience with Innovus Avocado
A peaceful ambience with Innovus Avocado

Green is becoming increasingly popular in interior spaces as it’s a versatile and fashionable choice due to its calming and refreshing qualities. It's associated with nature, growth and harmony, making it an excellent option for creating serene and balanced spaces.


The Innovus Collection has been following the latest trends and now has a brand new decorative solution that adapts to any type of decoration style. Avocado (L969) is a powerful, saturated green with a grey undertone, which harmoniously combines with nature, while at the same time radiating security and self-confidence.


The Soft Clean texture adds a gentle feel to the surface and allies a more matt, modern appearance with the strength and performance required by the most demanding applications.


Like avocado skin, this solid colour is hard to clearly define as it can be more clearly green or grey depending on the lighting (maturity in the case of the fruit). A wonderful shade that regardless of its uniqueness can be easily integrated into kitchen and living room furniture and modern interior projects.


This decor features the sustainability area of the Innovus Collection – Matching our nature which focuses on design for a minimalist approach, through sustainable proposals that result in a very natural appearance.


Match Avocado (L969) with… 

Karlstad Oak Natural (M6343) 

Burlap (FBURL) 

Fossil Brown (F2320)  

Metalines Silver (F2319)

Canasta (F2323) 

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05 September
Creating homes for evolving lifestyles: innovative housing solutions for different life stages
Creating homes for evolving lifestyles: innovative housing solutions for different life stages

As the world's population rises towards 8.1 billion by 2023 and is projected to reach 10.9 billion by 2100, the pressing challenge of accommodating this growth looms large. The strain on infrastructure, resource availability and basic needs such as food and water is undeniable. Among these critical needs, housing stands out as a fundamental concern.


In parallel with this growth, improvements in healthcare, nutrition, sanitation and education have led to a remarkable increase in global life expectancy over the past two decades. This demographic shift, and in particular the ageing of the population, poses a multifaceted challenge to contemporary societies worldwide. The socio-economic impact of this trend is rippling through our communities and influencing the global landscape.


Governments in developed countries are devoting considerable effort and resources to addressing the complex implications of ageing. But the challenge goes beyond simply boosting birth rates. Urgent action is needed to develop comprehensive policies and initiatives to ensure an active, safe and healthy life for a growing segment of the population - older adults.


There is a growing recognition that housing needs to evolve with age. What once seemed like the perfect home may no longer meet the changing preferences and needs of individuals as they age. There is a growing desire for a more compact home with features that may not have been practical during the years of raising children. In addition, health considerations often lead individuals to seek a home that meets their changing needs and ensures continued comfort and well-being.


When considering the housing needs of middle-aged people, several key factors come to the fore:


  • Adaptive Spaces: the ability to transform and adapt living spaces in response to changing circumstances becomes critical.


  • Smart Environments: the design and integration of smart technologies to create safe and healthy living environments is key to improving quality of life.


  • Collaborative networks: Fostering interconnected networks that facilitate informal care and support systems plays a critical role in addressing the changing landscape of care paradigms. Collaboration is key to ensuring that proximity-based care networks remain robust.


The ACTIVAS project is a direct response to these evolving housing needs - a pioneering project focused on innovative technological and multidisciplinary solutions for active, safe and healthy living. Sonae Arauco was one of the contributors to the project, joining forces with a consortium dedicated to adaptable living spaces and user-centred solutions.


At the heart of our contribution, was a commitment to the creation and regeneration of spaces, through architectural design that serves as long-term accommodation. The aim was to create spaces that are flexible, adaptable and responsive to people's unique and evolving needs. Central to this effort was the exploration of wood-based materials, particularly 3D Fibreboard (3DF) for furniture solutions and AGEPAN in the development of adaptive house construction,  with visual and digital interfaces.


Sonae Arauco's distinctive contributions included the development of adaptive wood-based structures and innovative technology-based furniture materials. In the ACTIVAS project, Research and development (R&D) efforts have been focused on areas such as coatings, sensorisation and integrative construction systems, with the following main objectives


  • Adaptive systems: The use of wood-based structures to create adaptive systems equipped with sensors to detect temperature, humidity and vibration.


  • Functional furniture: Creating responsive furniture solutions with touch sensors that promote both functionality and comfort.


  • Surface enhancement: Enhancing surfaces with eco-sustainable and non-toxic formulations to provide hydrophobic and antimicrobial properties that promote health and longevity.


  • Sensor integration: Pioneering the design of sensing 3DF structures, integrating touch and/or proximity sensors and haptic feedback actuators.


  • Modular innovation: Developing modular systems, with the integration of AGEPAN boards, with adaptable and transformable structures with a plug-and-play design philosophy.


The ACTIVAS project represents a pioneering step in addressing the diverse needs of housing at different stages of life through the use of cutting-edge technologies, user-centred designs and flexible architectural frameworks.


As a result, the ACTIVAS consortium developed a prototype where all those developments were built together, shown in the project's final presentation last June, at Porto Alfândega. This prototype has Sonae Arauco products: AGEPAN solutions for the structure, the pressed 3DF for the wall panelling, and also the furniture door, HDF and PB in the furniture. With the produced prototype, it is possible to see several applications where our products can add value in a sustainable and innovative way.


A future in which housing is seamlessly integrated into the ever-evolving fabric of human existence is being actively created by Sonae Arauco and its ACTIVAS partners.

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04 May
Interior Design Trends by Dirk Eiynck
Interior Design Trends by Dirk Eiynck

If you are currently involved in the design of living spaces, whether in private or public environments, you cannot avoid two terms: Sustainability and Nature! Two keywords that were already discussed before the pandemic and "boosted" by it, draw a clear picture that is even more justified, if we include the war in Europe with the energy crisis and inflation. We want a safe, welcoming living environment that serves as a real retreat and flexibly meets all our daily needs. Spaces that embrace body and soul and whose design incorporates nature and does not burden it. Truthful, long-lasting and reliable. 


If you walked through the exhibition halls in Milan a few days ago, you could see that the creative designers have taken up and implemented this challenge. The first impression, an overwhelming abundance of various green plants and natural image motifs in the booth design, was followed by pure well-being in subdued light and colour moods, authentic materiality, constructive easiness and harmonious interplay. Woods that shone in their natural beauty, without pointed rusticity. Stones that were added to this in balanced combination and unicolours that rounded off the picture, not loudly, but complementarily. No "fast fashions", but down-to-earth design craftsmanship. That's how you could sum it up.


And it was precisely this "Keep it Real" approach that inspired and guided us in the revision of our Innovus® collection. Developing wood-based panels, already a sustainable material from their basis, with decorative surfaces that are close to nature in their look, authentic in their feel and provide the user with a long-lasting benefit. Design that meets the needs of today, tomorrow and in the years to come. Sustainable in design approach, matching our nature.


We are pleased to present this to you at INTERZUM in Cologne, Hall 1.2 Stand B040/C041. See you there!

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01 May
Trends: the inspiration for the new Innovus Collection
Trends: the inspiration for the new Innovus Collection

In recent years, we have seen a series of changes that significantly marked our experiences and our very essence. We are experiencing a new reality, which every day challenges us to find a balance and to embrace a more tranquil lifestyle.

The concepts of home and office, and even commercial areas, have evolved into emotional spaces that extend far beyond basic or functional needs. This transformation, brought about too by increasing concern about the environment, favours designs that provoke positive emotions for a cosy, comforting environment.

The Innovus Collection – Matching our nature is in line with these trends and responds to the challenges of the future. With high quality, modern solutions and focusing particularly on sustainability, the new collection stands out for its exploration of different concepts that are part of our lives and that influence (our) nature.

Emotional nature

We are increasingly trying to endow indoor spaces with good energies and elements that convey tranquillity and sensory comfort. We express our creativity through the colours and designs that appeal to our senses and that promote a closer connection with nature.

Innovus Matching our nature

Designs with soul, conveying sensory messages. The texture of wood and the balanced offer of solid colours are conducive to well-being. Fantasies, filled with beauty and naturalness, bring life and an audacious touch to any environment.

Sustainable nature

Sustainability is the catchword behind all our actions, which is why our preference for versatile, ecological designs that are locally sourced dictates the trends in current projects. A minimalist approach and a lifestyle that is more aware add value to the different spaces we enjoy every day.

Innovus Matching our nature

New stone, textile and authentic wood structures can create a feeling of movement, life and harmony, resulting in a natural, elegant appearance.

Functional nature

The house of the future is tending towards multifunctional solutions in constant movement, adapting to different needs and lifestyles. The materials are following this trend and ensure a practical, timeless style in all the creations.

Innovus Matching our nature

Versatile and functional decorative solutions. Neutral shades and smooth textures provide a discreet, comfortable environment, with no loss of personality.

Social nature

As social beings, we connect to the community around us by sharing experiences and socialising. As the concepts of co-living and co-housing take on more significance, new creative solutions highlight the versatility and performance of the spaces, providing for an attractive, accessible design.

A selection of innovative decorative proposals that are easy to match and that adapt to different decoration styles.

Innovus Matching our nature

The new Innovus Collection - Matching our nature has over 220 decorative solutions (wood, fantasies and unicolours) and over 40 innovative new proposals. A modern, balanced collection with authentic, sustainable designs for different uses and applications – from furniture for homes, offices and hotels to interior design.

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28 March
Interior Design Trends by Isolino Valiño
Interior Design Trends by Isolino Valiño

If there is anything to highlight in recent years, it is above all the ability of companies in the sector to adapt to the various changes and challenges that are emerging and even surprise us all. Aspects such as sustainability, digitalisation and technological developments are currently the main spearheads of the sector.

Adapting trends to new situations and lifestyles is one of the constant challenges we face every day. In close collaboration with our customers, we at Sonae Arauco try to obtain reliable and contrasting information necessary to tackle new collection developments or new needs and product solutions. The integration of information in the management of the company will be the basis that will allow us to anticipate the different movements and opportunities that arise and thus be able to create the different strategic lines that define our main priorities and future developments in the field of decorative products.

Today, in product innovation, aspects such as sustainability, health and connectivity with nature, as well as ensuring the circular economy of materials, are aspects that contribute to the well-being and protection of future users when using our materials. The concern for consumption habits in favour of the planet, the demand for more authentic products where the transparency of production processes are essential aspects, features that focus on quality of life, physical and mental well-being and offer environments that allow you to connect with nature and disconnect from the stress of everyday life In these developments.

Everything always starts with an idea, where the first images appear, where many doubts arise, starting with the eternal question, will it be possible, what will be the best colours, what will be the most suitable materials, how risky or innovative can we be... these are always the eternal questions

For Innovus 2023, we wanted to update all the questions described above, bring the combinations to the fore, update and modernise the colour palette, with the natural and sustainable aspect always being our main goal.

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14 March
Bring springtime indoors with Innovus
Bring springtime indoors with Innovus

The freshest and most colourful season brings with it a generalised desire for renovation, especially in interior decoration. We bid farewell to cold, grey days and reconnect with the outdoors, finding inspiration in the elements of nature.

The handmade concept and adding value to products made from natural raw materials are two of the trends that are here to stay. By choosing wooden structures, you can recreate a more rustic environment without compromising on sophistication. Mediterranean (4451) is a timeless, elegant choice, in a shade of light brown that exudes comfort and harmony. The second suggestion is Sanctuary Oak (M6280) | Fusion, a decor that conveys a deep connection to nature, with rustic oak and full of light contrasts.

Unbleached and green shades prevail in the trends for this spring: they bring a feeling of serenity and adapt to different decorative styles. The colours of nature bring the landscape to mind and turn each creation into a veritable oasis of wellbeing. Innovus Cotton (L5200) and Eden (L5231) make it easy to design a welcoming space, where you can feel relaxed.

The Stucco texture increases the visual and tactile interest of the Cotton (L5200) decor, which stands out for its pale grey combined with a warmer shade of beige. The deep green of the Eden (L5231) decor, which takes its inspiration from the power of ancient forests, acts as a balance with more neutral designs and adds to the beauty of any project.

For a more creative approach, create highlights with the Seastone Pale (F2295) | Cosmos decor. A terrazzo structure inspired by classic Italian floors, captivating due to its authentic, textured surface.

Take inspiration from the Innovus Collection and create new design concepts that are in line with your ideas and needs. Use our Simulator, a free tool that allows you to preview how our products will look in different settings.

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14 February
Interior Design Trends by Joana Resende
Interior Design Trends by Joana Resende

Managing a Decorative Collection at Sonae Arauco is everyday more challenging! There are so many sources of information, so many influences, and so many new topics developing that is not always easy to have a clear vision of what will be the next right move to do, the most interesting and fruitful selection.

We are focusing more and more on our own path, our vision of what will be better for the end users and, therefore, for our customers. With this in mind, there is a key idea that we are certain about and this is the importance of Home and the transformation it is undergoing, mainly driven by a combination of changing emotional needs, a move towards a more thoughtful approach to design, and increasing climate concerns. While the world around us changes, our core emotional needs do not.

The home will continue to offer a sense of sanctuary and comfort, provided sensorially: through natural materials, appealing physical tactility and sensitive use of colour, light and scent. Neuroaesthetics, which explores how our environment affects our brain, mood and feelings of pleasure, is gaining importance across design and will be play a key role, as will biophilic design: learning from nature to create calm at home. With the growing interest in self-care, creating an emotional escape room in the home will become more commonplace: music rooms, tiny libraries, a special dedicated spa bathroom… Consumers will surround themselves with things that evoke meaning and that are deeply nourishing and comforting.

Today, this is a key aspect of how we think about our products’ creation. And, in fact, our Innovus Collection already has many perfect solutions for the concept of an Emotional Home. A broad range of wooden decors, full of beauty and naturalness, an innovative selection of stones, cement and textiles with their matching haptics, and a balanced offer of solid colours for a perfect combination.

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13 December
Warm and natural elements for festive aesthetics
Warm and natural elements for festive aesthetics

Christmas brings with it a feeling of nostalgia. The last two years have been influenced by so many uncertainties, so this festive season will challenge us to look for a cosy, more comfortable ambience where we can share happy moments with family and friends.

The singular characteristics of  wood designs will make any space elegant, charming and welcomingInnovus offers a complete selection of sustainable wood decors that add naturalness and let the textures take centre stage. Imperial Walnut (M6293) is our decorative choice for a classical atmosphere. With its powerful rustic walnut texture, this Innovus decor is full of character, colour play and natural elements, such as knots. Its golden brown hue adds an impressive and luxurious touch to modern living spaces.

But the nostalgic and comfortable approach doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle a little something distinctive into your festive aesthetics. Quite the opposite, as the latest trends have shown that the traditional is being replaced by a maximalist approach: exploring everything we have to the max and bringing the bright and the bold into our homes.

So, we invite you to unleash your creativity by choosing stylish Innovus fantasies for Christmas decorUrbanStone Chalk (F2280) will add depth and interest to your creations. The decor stands out for its cement structure full of special and unique details, enhanced by the rough, organic tactility of the Cosmos finish.

You can also dabble with the use of light and colour to create a different setting. Innovus Chilli (L5214)connects us with nature through its powerful earthy colour and goes perfectly with natural wood and crafted elements. For an even more natural and nurturing design, Camouflage (L5207) is the best choice due to its intense yet calm green hue that brings a fresh lightness to the traditional colour palettes over the Christmas season.

Experience the quality of the products first-hand by requesting a free sample.

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02 November
Natural looking wood for contemporary interiors
Natural looking wood for contemporary interiors

Wood allows you to design beautiful spaces to look at. Even with the increasing number of modern materials, we still prefer wood for our contemporary interiors.

The Innovus Collection presents you with exclusive references for giving living spaces a touch of creative energy.

Wild Oak Brown (M6287) is a rustic and powerful wooden decor characterised by its knots and end grain. It generates a space that evokes feelings of traditionand closeness while transmitting a sense of comfort. The impressive 3D effect is balanced by its more homogeneous, rich brown colour and the softness of the Fusion texture, resulting in a classic, comforting look.

And if you’re looking for a pleasing and well-balanced decor, Cosmopolitan #1 (M6282) may be the answer. This light wood emphasises calm and wellbeing and can be easily combined with the other design elements and surfaces in the room.

This Innovus decor includes all the current trend details – knots, cracks, colour variation and naturalness – and discreetly sets the scene. The Flow finish gives it a very contemporary and spontaneous appearance.

Wild Oak Brown and Cosmopolitan #1 can be used in kitchens, living rooms, offices, shop fitting and public spaces. Request a free sample online.

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15 September
Heart-warming and welcoming spaces for Autumn & Winter
Heart-warming and welcoming spaces for Autumn & Winter

As we approach the end of the year, the return of colder and darker days brings with it a desire to spend most evenings relaxing in a comfy jumper with a cup of tea. In the last few years, autumn and winter trends have been evolving to bring us contemporary design, merging pared-back aesthetics with an extra touch of comfort and cosiness.

This new decor season brings colours and materials to our living spaces that protect us from the outside world, in designs that make tranquility a modern value. Indoor spaces call for new textures that invite tactility and solutions that blend practicality and creativity.

Earthy tones - with brown, orange and dark red hues playing the leading role - allow consumers to mix and match different designs, turning spaces into mood boosters.

Embrace colours that create soft, serene environments, such as Grey Beige (L6160). It goes perfectly with other neutral shades, making it the right choice for bringing a balancing effect to any room. For a bolder approach, Humus (L5226) - with its deep brown shade - and Paprika (L5232) - with a powerful earthy colour that maintains and strengthens our connection with nature - might be the answer.

These Innovus unicolours match with elegant woods – which have incredible visual appeal due to their nuances and surfaces. The numerous wood references in the Innovus Collection can add to small or large rooms, conveying a sense of security and warmth.




Ethnic Fire (M6300) is a new interpretation of classic sapele wood and transmits a vintage luxurious look. This versatile and modern proposal with golden pigments adds the character and sophistication of exotic wood. In the same line, Wild Oak Brown (M6287) celebrates our roots by revealing contours and knots. The impressive 3D effect is balanced by its richer, more homogeneous brown tone and the softness of the Fusion texture results in a classic and comforting ambience. If the project requires a lighter solution, Elegance Natural (M6317), with the Spirit texture, is quite authentic and unique, and can easily be mistaken for a true veneer.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to find beauty in imperfection, with handmade pieces and irregular elements for a more rustic, authentic and personalised space. UrbanStone Clay (F2281) invites you to (re)connect to more organic or crafted products. The decor is highlighted by its cement structure full of details, resembling an old wall aged and scratched by time, and enhanced by the tough tactility of the Cosmos finish. Stardust (F2299) stands out for its combination of the strength of metal with the warm tactility of wood. With the Cosmos texture, this Innovus decor brings a special tactility to any living space.

Let the Innovus Collection inspire you to create a welcoming and minimalistic autumn atmosphere where you can relax and make good memories with friends and family.

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29 July
Timeless Oak Cocoa gives spaces a touch of naturalness
Timeless Oak Cocoa gives spaces a touch of naturalness

Wood is considered a mark of luxury and elegance in interior design. If you want a long-lasting, elegant and versatile proposal when decorating, oak wood is the best option.

Timeless Oak Cocoa (M6285) is one of the most remarkable natural designs of the Innovus Collection. With a warm chocolate colour, this decorative can be used in any setting, from traditional to modern, reinforcing the naturalness of the spaces.

The beauty of Timeless Oak Cocoa lies largely in the uniqueness of its grain and its texture. Combined with the Fusion finish, the decor stands out for its exceptional delicacy and quality.

In combination with cool, structured plain colours, this solution adds balance and harmony to every project. Due to its versatility, Timeless Oak Cocoa works together with other Innovus woods and fantasies, creating the perfect environment for functional and flexible living spaces.

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05 July
10 Years of Innovus by Michael Leopold
10 Years of Innovus by Michael Leopold

Michael Leopold has been with the company for over 30 years and is part of our team that was responsible for addressing the Innovus new brand, 10 years ago. Today, he is responsible for the southern part of the federal North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the largest federal states in Germany and the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

What does Innovus mean to you?

Innovus is a very innovative collection that is very well received by our customers. We have taken a big step forward in the last few years. And I am particularly happy about the new decors and finishes, such as Innovus Feel Light Grey | Cosmos. So I also particularly enjoy presenting the collection. We are on a par with our most important competitors. I like that.

Are there other advantages that help you in your daily work?

Even if we can still optimise one or two aspects, Innovus is a diverse collection that convinces. That makes things a lot easier in our daily work. In addition, our current sample book is a perfect sales tool. I am not exaggerating when I say that we are leaders in this field. The 2-board service (paired delivery of decor thicknesses, even those we don't have in stock) is also an enormously strong advantage and I am very happy we can offer it even in these difficult times.

What is your favorite decor / finish?

At the moment it's Feel Light Grey [smiles because he knows he's not the only one who thinks this]. It's a genuinely new development and really something outstanding. Although it’s a coated chipboard, you can see and feel felt. That‘s simply clever.

Innovus in the next 10 years … What are your wishes?

I hope that we’ll continue to innovate and present highlights that make us unique - just like Feel Light Grey. And of course, I hope that we will be able to gain more Premium Dealers and thus become even more successful. And not only for Innovus and Sonae Arauco, I wish that the world’s current situation eases down.

Any special “story” you would like to share with us? Your best story…..

The launch of Innovus at Marta Herford (Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in the German city of Herford) was a real highlight for me - and a milestone for the company. With the Innovus launch, we had a meaningful collection in our portfolio and could offer our customers a coherent overall concept. Last but not least, the presentation was also very successful - with an Innovus truck in front of the entrance... I like to think back on that.

What’s your favourite project?

I'm always happy when I see Innovus products in stores such as Lindt & Sprüngli or Fressnapf (a large store for pet supplies) - after all, these are very well-known brands, especially in Germany. The last Interzum appearances were also gigantic. Yes - I am quite proud of that.

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04 July
A truly delicate and exquisite proposal
A truly delicate and exquisite proposal

Exquisite Dark (M6313) brings us back to a time when Italy was feverous with the latest trends. This Innovus decorative product was inspired by the sophisticated movement of Italian walnuts and shows a classical brown colour - a trendy tone for all living spaces.

The Spirit finish gives movement and contrasting textures, providing a natural look and feel of real wood.

The combination of its structure and colour is a Sonae Arauco exclusive. The surface was developed with metallic pigment in some areas to increase its deepness effect.

Exquisite Dark goes along with lighter and elegant woods and harmonious unicolours. It’s the perfect match for modern designs which, mixed with more industrial elements, add a young and cosmopolitan vibe.

Matching combinations

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21 June
Innovus full of… Summer!
Innovus full of… Summer!

The last two years have had a significant impact on people’s relationships with their homes. Now, each room is a sanctuary where we experience new and unique moments.

Summer has arrived, and even though we all want to travel and have fun outside, nothing stops us from starting to think about how to update our spaces with the latest seasonal trends.

It is easy to spot the tendency to connect ourselves - and, therefore our spaces - to nature. By adding natural light, nature-inspired tones and products that offer wellness benefits, we can bring joy and energy to our house that will, consequently, impact positively our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

So, gear up for the warm weather and the bright sunny days with Innovus’ decorative solutions.

Feel good and energized with Innovus’ summer hue

Colours play a key role in our lives. They affect our thoughts, moods and behaviour and have the power to create a special energy.

The pandemic has challenged us to have more fun at home and, for that, colours are key for creating expressive and cozier spaces.

As Innovus was inspired by our everyday lives and the places we live, it has a full range of versatile and modern solutions to uplift/stylish our houses for the upcoming sunny days.


  • Nude (L5233) is the ultimate neutral colour with all its versatility and comfort, relating to leather and skin. A balanced and soothing choice for every project and it is combinable with lighter and darker tones.


  • Some colours have the power to transport you to another place and another time. That is the example of our Indian Summer (L5224). This décor brings us smells and memories from long travels and diverse cultures. The golden tone also invokes a vintage and retro vibe, perfect for a more expressive and eclectic design.

  • Green is the colour trend for summer 2022. We have become passionate about the simplicity of being surrounded by nature and Bambus (L5206) is our choice of a therapeutic green that relates to the environment and the organic. This timeless and delicate decor adds a fresh and harmonious look to our spaces. We can say it is the perfect bridge between pastel and neutral.



Natural materials with the perfect sense of real wood

When it comes to home interiors, wood is a classic and timeless choice. Sonae Arauco’s wood decorative products are a versatile and adaptable material, ideal for all types of home decor.

Innovus offers a complete selection of wood decors and exclusive textures to add the warm, cozy, and elegant feeling we all look for in our living spaces.


Daring elements for innovative projects

To welcome summer, people are increasingly looking for warmer alternatives and they are keen to use bolder combinations of textures and patterns.

Innovus fantasies will add that special touch and enhance the creativity of every space.

  • Balconies and terraces are an extension of the living room and the prelude to a good summer. Today, terrazzo is having a huge comeback and is now a very trendy material and a decorative element. Our proposal Seastone Pale (F2295) is inspired by the Italian balconies and has a playful and young vibe. This decor is easy to combine with neutral solid colours or natural tone woods.


  • Textiles play a key role in creating a relaxed and charming interior. Burlap Beige (F2286) is a new proposal of a more organic, crafted and lighter-weight textile with the power to build versatile sanctuary spots around our homes. It is a vibrant décor, with natural hues and with the right game of light and shadows.


You can mix and match our summer suggestions in the 3D simulator! Discover the wide range of decors of the Innovus Collection and choose expressive combinations for your summer project.

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17 June
The majestic Renaissance ambience in Palazio Gold
The majestic Renaissance ambience in Palazio Gold

Italy is a country with an ancient culture and beauty standards and a home to well-known painters and sculptors. It is the birthplace of many art movements and continues to inspire architects and designers from around the world.

Renaissance offered us valuable concepts and ideas in order to create harmonious and majestic interior designs, allowing people to escape from the bustle of the big cities.

And when a project demands a special element for a solemn and austere interior space, we travel back to the fervent Renaissance period. Palazio Gold (​​F2278) was, precisely, inspired by the imposing and rich Italian Renaissance palaces.

It presents an impressive marble structure, full of information and details - cracks, stains, scratches -, looking almost translucent in some areas. Its greenish grey version is truly unique and the golden veins add an even more sophisticated and outstanding look.

The Cosmos texture completes perfectly the décor, adding authenticity and a haptic feeling so important nowadays.

Despite its more classical and opulent style, Palazio Gold can be easily balanced and combined with plain colours and more elegant natural woods, resulting in a light distinct ambience.

Request your free sample here.

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02 June
New trends for our living spaces
New trends for our living spaces

Due to the pandemic, homes have turned into offices, classrooms and even gyms. Kitchens, for example, took on a new meaning when they became the heart of the home, where we opened the doors to homemade restaurants and enjoyed happy moments with the family.

There has thus been more demand for flexible spaces that privilege the comfort aesthetic but that at the same time present bold proposals incorporating new textures in the places that are used most.

Bárbara Vargas, who got her degree in Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil in 2009, is currently doing a master’s degree course in Interior Design. She has worked with a mix of styles in her projects, focusing closely on fantasy decors, particularly in this new kitchen concept.

During this short interview, Bárbara shared the world trends in architecture and interior design and the importance of enhancing projects through the use of added value products.

- Where do you get your inspiration for developing trending projects for kitchens and bathrooms?

The world has been increasingly demanding homes that are more versatilecomfortable and multifunctional. Along these lines, a new and more welcoming minimalism is emerging. The spaces require a mix of styles, with warmer colours and organic shapes.

Another interesting trend is related to the use of stone in furniture. The Innovus Collection fantasies come in response to this trend and are an excellent option, given that natural stone is too heavy for use in doors and drawers, making the project more elaborate and difficult to implement.

There is visible use of stone with clearly marked veins, both in kitchens and in bathrooms, giving these spaces more importance and sophistication.



The pandemic changed the way we perceive and experience our homes. How should projects reflect this change?

The pandemic brought major changes to our relationship with our homes in general. The comfort aesthetic is now much more valued. People are now looking for more comfortable, less sterile environments where they can enjoy quality time with the family.

In Brazil, the kitchen has always been a place for socialising but in Portugal, you still see a lot of plans with closed kitchens – although this is changing now too. The kitchen is no longer simply a place providing a service, but has now become a space for socialising... It's wonderful to cook in the company of friends and family.

Designing kitchens that are functional, ergonomic, with good timeless aesthetics and that really meet the needs of the people using this space is essential. This should all be in line with the products used in the projects because a kitchen should remain operational and modern for a long time.



- What stands out for you in Sonae Arauco’s products?

Irrespective of people's style and market trends, pleasant, functional and welcomingenvironments can be created with the help of brands like Sonae Arauco.

Innovus decorative products stand out for their quality and the wide variety of colours and textures. Each decor opens up a range of possibilities with a lot of potential.

Each project conveys a message and tells the story of the people who will be living in these spaces. And some choices can completely change the message conveyed by the environment.

The Innovus Collection has made it easier for me to give full rein to my imagination because I can be sure I’ll find the ideal decor for my designs.



Get inspired by the Innovus Collection and request your free samples via our website.

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31 May
Bari Oak Nature: bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to modern interiors
Bari Oak Nature: bringing a sense of comfort and relaxation to modern interiors

A house is no longer a simple place to sleep or to cook. It is becoming a place to live our lives to the fullest, where we experience special and unique moments – alone or with family -, giving us a sense of refuge.

This concept has increased the need for flexible spaces and the demand for more visual and tactile comfort. And, for that, wood can be key to adding a warm, cosy and elegant feeling to our houses.

Bari Oak Nature (M6252) is one of the most versatile and successful decors from the Innovus Collection. This décor offers countless details typical of oak, a subtle plank effect, and a warm honey colour with a very natural look.

It is an all-time classic design for all applications and uses, promoting a real sense of relaxation and comfort. The combination with the Flow texture reinforces the authentic character of the wood and adds a realistic haptic effect.

With Bari Oak Nature it is easy to create a sanctuary without the need for excessive styling – Less is more! This Innovus decorative product makes spaces inviting and combines soothing or contrasting cool hues and simple textures.

Matching combinations
Storm Grey (L6274)
Feel Light Grey (F2313)
Moonlight Grey (L6153)
Bari Oak Grey (M6251)

Reach out to our global network of distributors to find where to buy the Bari Oak Nature and other decorative products.

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20 April
Michelle Quintão: “What I love most about the Innovus brand is its strength and flexibility”
Michelle Quintão: “What I love most about the Innovus brand is its strength and flexibility”

Sonae Arauco is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Innovus decorative brand. Launched in 2012 with the slogan “A new way to create”, the Innovus brand has travelled a long road and is now a benchmark on the market for modern, versatile, quality projects.

Michelle Quintão, Marketing Director at Sonae Arauco, has been closely following the growth of the brand. Her experience and know-how in the world of the fashion set the stage for the challenge laid down to her by the company six years ago: to turn products into inspiring solutions and to keep up with the main trends.

Michelle believes that what sets the brand apart most is its potential for creating functional, sustainable environments, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. In this interview, she shares some of the most memorable moments and the opportunities that the subject of sustainability and the transformations in the digital world could bring to the Innovus brand.

What do you love most about Innovus?

What I love most about the Innovus brand is its strength and flexibility. Innovus makes you think of innovation… The logo reinforces the idea of continuity and the way the letters are designed adds strength to the brand. The quality of the products and the collection and their versatility give us the opportunity to work more comprehensively, keeping up with changes and the latest trends on the market.

What feelings and experiences do you associate with Innovus?

Innovus has allied itself to the mission of Sonae Arauco: to improve people's lives and to contribute to people being able to live in pleasant, functional, sustainable environments.

In addition, it’s a brand that involves a lot of creative and inspirational content and it’s very easy to turn it into real, harmonious images. All of this influences and facilitates the communication process. And when you see and touch Innovus products, this message is reinforced: quality, versatility and innovation.

What was it like to follow the growth of the Innovus brand closely?

In 2016, when I joined Sonae Arauco, Innovus had already been launched. The turning point came in 2019 with the launch of the Innovus Matching Life concept, whose goal was to align the company’s value with the brand in the launch of the new Innovus Collection.

It was all designed from scratch. From associating the logo with the construction of the Sonae Arauco name, the use of the “O” of Innovus as a force of constant change, life, evolution… In 2016, we launched a new “Sonae Arauco” and in 2019, the Innovus Collection. It was a pleasure for me to be able to witness this change.

How do you feel when you see the results of this process?

Proud! And it's very gratifying to see the growth, the recognition of the brand and our logo in the spotlight in our clients’ showrooms and on their trucks.

Of course, we still have a long way to go… Our goal is to get people asking for Innovus instead of a melamine or laminated panel… In other words, thinking of the product and immediately associating it with the Innovus brand.

What challenges might the next 10 years bring for the brand?

Focusing on making the brand synonymous with the product and continuing to work to increase its reputation in the markets we operate in. In 2021, we also launched the Innovus brand in South Africa so I believe that this global reach we’re aiming for will be faster.

However, the biggest challenge is ensuring that the brand, as well as the products and the collection, evolve and are seen by clients in the same way as we position them - as one of the best on the market.

And that in the next 10 years, the Innovus brand will reflect the product naturally, organically and symbiotically.

What does the sustainability of the brand represent?

Sustainability brings many opportunities, but it brings some challenges too. The main one is the constant quest to develop products that are sustainable, recyclable, reusable and long-lasting.

Communicating and teaching about the potential of our products is another challenge. Not just providing information on the different options for using the products or from a functional point of view, but also successfully sending the message that they are an excellent alternative to solid wood, that they work as carbon stores, playing an active role in the mitigation of CO2 emissions, and that they have a positive effect on global warming by improving energy efficiency in buildings.

The role of our marketing team is to ensure that this potential is perceived in the best way possible and to show that you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics, beauty and well-being.

How important is the digital for the Innovus brand?

The digital is already part of our lives and influences all of our decisions. I believe that the way we position ourselves on digital platforms is crucial to the success of the Innovus brand and has a major impact on communication with clients.

In digital, it’s easy to communicate the brand, the projects and the different products and decors. On the other hand, there is a major challenge when it comes to showing the different textures (the finishes). But this is where we have the opportunity to talk about how the product is made, to tackle issues of sustainability and recycling, while leaving the touch, the more sensory experience, for other opportunities, such as events and showrooms.

Of these 10 years, which moment would you like to highlight?

I couldn't but highlight the launch of the Innovus Collection in 2019. It was, perhaps, one of the boldest steps taken by Sonae Arauco: launching a collection with over 200 decors and 15 different finishes… which is the equivalent to a renewal rate of over 40%!

A modern, trending collection that meets the different needs of the different market segments. This was the turning point that put Innovus at the level it's at today: one of the best (or the best) brand of decorative products on the market!

What’s your favourite decor?

It’s very hard to choose just one decor…! Now, I'd choose Amazonia (M6298) with a Fusion finish as one of my favourites.

It's a wood decor that's exotic, strong and has lots of personality. It will always be a trendy, innovative choice for any project!

Apart from “Matching Life”, Innovus matches with…?

Transformation, evolution, joy and team!

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09 March
Innovus: creating meaningful solutions and experiences for people
Innovus: creating meaningful solutions and experiences for people

Adelaide Alves, Group R&D and Product Development Director, is one of the faces behind Sonae Arauco’s product solutions and explains the secret to such success.

“The harmonious merging of look and feel is a key success factor. Besides that, we have always thought of Innovus as a brand with its own identity and with the power to create meaningful solutions and experiences for people.”

The inspiration to keep creating a modern collection comes “from the latest trends in colours, materials, textures, but, mostly, from our perception of what people are looking for in order to decorate the spaces where they live, work, have fun...”. That is why it is so important and crucial to have a strong connection with the market.

When talking about the distinctive characteristics of Innovus’s decorative products, Adelaide points out the “range of unicolors that offers a perfect complement to the wood and fantasy decors, creating an entity that, playfully, allows customers to make the right choices for their projects.

“Overall, our collection is well structured and balanced on essential proposals, some of them with exceptionally appealing and trendy decors,” explains.

Adelaide also highlights the new textures presented by Sonae Arauco due to their quality and authentic touch and how well they match between them.

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08 March
What do our architect and interior designers have to say about the Innovus collection
What do our architect and interior designers have to say about the Innovus collection

The interior designers Martina Casas and Loli Moroño, from PF1 Interiorismo (Spain), and Inês Coelho, an architect from the Project Management, Architecture & Interior Design Department from Sonae (Portugal), have been working with Sonae Arauco over the past few years.

These professional women are known for their creativity in developing inspiring solutions with the Innovus collection. The quality, the patterns, the wide range of colours, and the finishes have a significant impact and make all the difference in their projects.

In the following interview, Martina, Loli, and Inês share how they see nowadays the women in the architecture world and explain how it is to work with Sonae Arauco and our decorative products.

What inspires you to work with Sonae Arauco’s decorative products?

Martina and Loli: The Innovus collection helps us to turn our projects more profitable. The range of decorative products offered is very versatile and fits into many of our designs.

Inês: Besides being a Sonae product – for me, it makes no sense to use a product that is not from our company – all the Innovus products have a wide variety of patterns and colors that allow us to create and diversify each project.

In your opinion, what are the main characteristics that distinguish the Innovus collection?
Martina and Loli: Especially, the cement finishes and natural stones. If you get a chance to see it installed in a large area, it is fantastic.

Inês: The Innovus collection is highlighted by the quality and variety of the material.

Which decor do you like the most and why?

Martina and Loli:
 We love HPL boards in their different finishes, but the pattern that imitates natural stones is what drives us crazy. Do not miss Seastone F2296, it is incredibly beautiful! We use it on countertops and tabletops, and it impresses us thanks to its realistic look.

Inês: It is hard to say which one I like the most, given the range of patterns. I like so many decoratives…!
How does Sonae Arauco support your projects?

Martina and Loli:
 We have a particular and close relationship with Sonae Arauco as they always help us throughout the process, being honest and decisive in every process.

Inês: Sonae Arauco supports us in many aspects. The company helps us to technically understand the suitability of the product for each space and provides us with the best samples that are available so we can analyze and choose the final product. My department, Project Management, Architecture & Interior Design,  has always had this support, especially in the area related to Architecture and Interior Design, where we have a wide variety of projects, from offices to hotel projects, interior remodeling and lifestyle.

What is it like to work with different teams from Sonae Arauco?

Martina and Loli:
 At PF1 Interiorismo Contract we work throughout the national territory and Portugal, and this have led us to deal with different teams, such as from Barcelona, Madrid - always supported by the great service of Jorge Lado, in Galicia. The different teams have always protected and taken care of us, looking for solutions and providing samples. As we work with the hospitality sector, it is particularly important to have access to the different references in stock, such as fire protection products. For us, the key is to be able to present our clients the projects in a competitive time.

Inês: I have always felt a significant help from the teams I have worked with at Sonae Arauco.

What is it like to be an architect and interior designer in a male-dominated professional world?

Martina and Loli
: From our point of view, as women and interior designers, we cannot deny this evidence. Reflecting on it, we have noticed the well-known "glass ceiling" over our heads at different professional stages of our lives, but over the years, it has become a more flexible situation. However, there are periods of our working life when this question has been more evident, such as during the beginning of our career, during motherhood, or even when we need to gain the trust of a client – normally, they are a little reluctant to trust their project in women’s hands. But instead of regretting it, we must ignore what does not help us to grow and focus on strengthening the aspects that, at first, seem to be a weakness. In conclusion, turning weaknesses into strengths.

Inês: Women have been playing a more active role in different areas, but we are not on the same level as men yet.

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02 February
Welcome to the trends 2022
Welcome to the trends 2022

Innovus is starting 2022 optimistically, with great material solutions for the current trends. In doing so, we focus completely on sustainability - in design development too.


Inspired by the original nature
Old values, traditionally established and thus very familiar, are clearly in focus again. Natural, handcrafted, respectable materiality, in look and feel, is valued once again, because it connects us with our origins, nature. It creates a feeling of secure familiarity in uncertain times. Warm, nature-inspired, earthy colours and a soft language of form, paired with fresh accents, create a cosy sense of well-being. An emotional bridge for a positive, optimistic mood.


Functional diversity
Home office and also home schooling, communal cooking, simply spending significantly more time inside your own four walls, are part of the inevitable lifestyle here and now. And the functionality of our furnishings is adapting. The classic boundaries of room architecture are increasingly dissolving and a flexible layout is manifesting itself. Variable areas, personally used as a cosy haven of peace and in the next moment active, in the community too. Clever furnishing solutions that make optimal use of the available space are therefore in demand. Light pastel shades, earthy colour nuances, light wood variants and always a muted matt finish, this is how the furniture surfaces visually support functional diversity.


Sustainable materiality
The topic of ecological sustainability has long since reached the end consumer and is in demand. For Sonae Arauco, the development of sustainable wood-based materials is an integral part of the company's DNA. The biological circular economy is an essential principle here and efficient wood recycling is one of the strategically most important cornerstones.
Authentic materials, i.e. an honest, harmonious blend of look and feel, is also the claim, in the eye of the beholder. Holistic sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in interior design, and not just in terms of the origin of the material. Sustainable design means: no quick trend hype, but creations that we will appreciate for a long time. This is the only way to create durability, an essential factor for the future if we want to keep this, our world, worth living in.

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22 September
The traditional and modern in perfect harmony
The traditional and modern in perfect harmony

The combination of traditional and modern design is one of the fastest-growing home design trends influencing architects and interior designers.


Early this year, Sonae Arauco proposed the addition of seven new decors for the Innovus® collection and one of them was Artisan (M6322 Flow), a decor which merges a traditional vibe with contemporary elements of modern design, ensuring a timeless look.


The combination of the honey tone of this rustic decor and the Flow texture results in a very natural, real wood decor. Conveying warmth and authenticity, Artisan is a bold statement about the growing importance of our connection with nature and an environmentally friendly future – one of Sonae Arauco’s goals. The Flow texture adds gentle cross lines and subtle waves, giving the surface a very spontaneous look and adding value to the decor.


For Kitchens and Furniture

Artisan is the ideal solution for kitchens, creating a combination of a traditional family-centric space, one that is rustic and uses heirloom pieces of furniture, mixed with modern functionality and architectural elements. Furthermore, Innovus melamine and laminate surfaces have antibacterial properties and are very easy to clean, as well as being stain and scratch resistant – very important features for any kitchen.
The Innovus Artisan decor is also suitable for all kinds of furniture as the combination will guarantee trendiness and modernity wherever it is used.


Matching combinations
The classic combination of warmth and coldness works seamlessly with Artisan and strongly veined marbles, creating a textural contrast which adds statement value and a luxury detail. On that note, our suggestions for combinations are:


F2272 STU Yin Marble
F2280 CMS Urbanstone Chalk
L5233 SMA Nude
L5212 TF Charcoal
L5206 SMA Bambus
F2282 CMS Urbanstone Graphite

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