The traditional and modern in perfect harmony
The traditional and modern in perfect harmony
22 September

The traditional and modern in perfect harmony

The combination of traditional and modern design is one of the fastest-growing home design trends influencing architects and interior designers.


Early this year, Sonae Arauco proposed the addition of seven new decors for the Innovus® collection and one of them was Artisan (M6322 Flow), a decor which merges a traditional vibe with contemporary elements of modern design, ensuring a timeless look.


The combination of the honey tone of this rustic decor and the Flow texture results in a very natural, real wood decor. Conveying warmth and authenticity, Artisan is a bold statement about the growing importance of our connection with nature and an environmentally friendly future – one of Sonae Arauco’s goals. The Flow texture adds gentle cross lines and subtle waves, giving the surface a very spontaneous look and adding value to the decor.


For Kitchens and Furniture

Artisan is the ideal solution for kitchens, creating a combination of a traditional family-centric space, one that is rustic and uses heirloom pieces of furniture, mixed with modern functionality and architectural elements. Furthermore, Innovus melamine and laminate surfaces have antibacterial properties and are very easy to clean, as well as being stain and scratch resistant – very important features for any kitchen.
The Innovus Artisan decor is also suitable for all kinds of furniture as the combination will guarantee trendiness and modernity wherever it is used.


Matching combinations
The classic combination of warmth and coldness works seamlessly with Artisan and strongly veined marbles, creating a textural contrast which adds statement value and a luxury detail. On that note, our suggestions for combinations are:


F2272 STU Yin Marble
F2280 CMS Urbanstone Chalk
L5233 SMA Nude
L5212 TF Charcoal
L5206 SMA Bambus
F2282 CMS Urbanstone Graphite

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