Innovus full of… Summer!
Innovus full of… Summer!
21 June

Innovus full of… Summer!

The last two years have had a significant impact on people’s relationships with their homes. Now, each room is a sanctuary where we experience new and unique moments.

Summer has arrived, and even though we all want to travel and have fun outside, nothing stops us from starting to think about how to update our spaces with the latest seasonal trends.

It is easy to spot the tendency to connect ourselves - and, therefore our spaces - to nature. By adding natural light, nature-inspired tones and products that offer wellness benefits, we can bring joy and energy to our house that will, consequently, impact positively our mental and physical health and wellbeing.

So, gear up for the warm weather and the bright sunny days with Innovus’ decorative solutions.

Feel good and energized with Innovus’ summer hue

Colours play a key role in our lives. They affect our thoughts, moods and behaviour and have the power to create a special energy.

The pandemic has challenged us to have more fun at home and, for that, colours are key for creating expressive and cozier spaces.

As Innovus was inspired by our everyday lives and the places we live, it has a full range of versatile and modern solutions to uplift/stylish our houses for the upcoming sunny days.


  • Nude (L5233) is the ultimate neutral colour with all its versatility and comfort, relating to leather and skin. A balanced and soothing choice for every project and it is combinable with lighter and darker tones.


  • Some colours have the power to transport you to another place and another time. That is the example of our Indian Summer (L5224). This décor brings us smells and memories from long travels and diverse cultures. The golden tone also invokes a vintage and retro vibe, perfect for a more expressive and eclectic design.

  • Green is the colour trend for summer 2022. We have become passionate about the simplicity of being surrounded by nature and Bambus (L5206) is our choice of a therapeutic green that relates to the environment and the organic. This timeless and delicate decor adds a fresh and harmonious look to our spaces. We can say it is the perfect bridge between pastel and neutral.



Natural materials with the perfect sense of real wood

When it comes to home interiors, wood is a classic and timeless choice. Sonae Arauco’s wood decorative products are a versatile and adaptable material, ideal for all types of home decor.

Innovus offers a complete selection of wood decors and exclusive textures to add the warm, cozy, and elegant feeling we all look for in our living spaces.


Daring elements for innovative projects

To welcome summer, people are increasingly looking for warmer alternatives and they are keen to use bolder combinations of textures and patterns.

Innovus fantasies will add that special touch and enhance the creativity of every space.

  • Balconies and terraces are an extension of the living room and the prelude to a good summer. Today, terrazzo is having a huge comeback and is now a very trendy material and a decorative element. Our proposal Seastone Pale (F2295) is inspired by the Italian balconies and has a playful and young vibe. This decor is easy to combine with neutral solid colours or natural tone woods.


  • Textiles play a key role in creating a relaxed and charming interior. Burlap Beige (F2286) is a new proposal of a more organic, crafted and lighter-weight textile with the power to build versatile sanctuary spots around our homes. It is a vibrant décor, with natural hues and with the right game of light and shadows.


You can mix and match our summer suggestions in the 3D simulator! Discover the wide range of decors of the Innovus Collection and choose expressive combinations for your summer project.

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