Rear-ventilated facade AGEPAN DWD protect

Rear-ventilated facade with the proven advantages of AGEPAN® DWD protect. AGEPAN® DWD protect is used for break and bend reinforcement as load-bearing stiffening and as a second water-repellent layer. Structural use in compliance with the German technical approval certificate Z-9.1-382.

Due to the increased bulk density of ≥ 600 kg/m³ the AGEPAN® DWD 600 can be used as an alternative to AGEPAN® DWD protect for fire protection constructions in accordance with DIN 4102-4.

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Construction Example Product Nominal Thickness (mm)
Inside Gypsum board ≥ 12,5
AGEPAN® THD Install ≥ 40
Solid construction timber ≥ 60 x 140
AGEPAN® Flex ≥ 140
AGEPAN® DWD protect 16
Outside Facade
Product Gypsum board
Thickness ≥ 12,5
Product AGEPAN® THD Install
Thickness ≥ 40
Thickness ≥ 15
Product Solid construction timber
Thickness ≥ 60 x 140
Product AGEPAN® Flex
Thickness ≥ 140
Product AGEPAN® DWD protect
Thickness 16
Product Facade

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.

System’s components

AGEPAN® DWD PROTECT The original. Stable, stiffening and load-bearing planking in roof and wall. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® DWD 600 With higher raw density. Sheathing for curtain walls with specific fire protection requirements. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® THD INSTALL Installation level or pressure-resistant interior insulation in roof and wall areas. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® OSB 3 ECOBOARD® The load-bearing panel. For universal use in timber frame constructions. KNOW MORE
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