Full rafter insulation AGEPAN® DWD protect

The diffusion-open wood fibre board type MDF. RWH AGEPAN® DWD protect N+F / AGEPAN DWD® 600 is used as a sarking board for fully insulated rafter roofs. It serves as a second water-draining layer and can be used as a statically stiffening element of roof panels according to the general building authority approval Z-9.1-382. As a sarking board according to ZVDH regulations: UDP-A, in accordance with EN 14967: Type IL, it also serves as an emergency roof function for up to 8 weeks during free weathering and after storm damage. The protection against hail and the resistance to penetration by small rodents have been officially tested.

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Construction Example Product Nominal Thickness (mm)
Inside Gypsum board ≥ 12,5
AGEPAN® THD Install ≥ 40
Solid construction timber ≥ 60 x 200
AGEPAN® Flex ≥ 200
AGEPAN® DWD protect 16
Battens ≥ 40 x 60
Outside Roof tiles
Product Gypsum board
Thickness ≥ 12,5
Product AGEPAN® THD Install
Thickness ≥ 40
Thickness ≥ 15
Product Solid construction timber
Thickness ≥ 60 x 200
Product AGEPAN® Flex
Thickness ≥ 200
Product AGEPAN® DWD protect
Thickness 16
Product Battens
Thickness ≥ 40 x 60
Product Roof tiles

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.

System’s components

AGEPAN® DWD PROTECT The original. Stable, stiffening and load-bearing planking in roof and wall. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® THD INSTALL Installation level or pressure-resistant interior insulation in roof and wall areas. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® DWD 600 With higher raw density. Sheathing for curtain walls with specific fire protection requirements. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® OSB 3 ECOBOARD® The load-bearing panel. For universal use in timber frame constructions. KNOW MORE
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