Levelling over frame of joists

When laying boards on joists, it it is important that the floor is even, without significant differences in level. AGEPAN® Loose Fill is ideally suited for this purpose. In addition, make sure that the AGEPAN® OSB Ecoboard® is butted onto the beam. If the preliminary planning allows it, it is recommended to adjust the distance between the beams to the format of the AGEPAN® OSB Ecoboard® in order to avoid waste.

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Construction Example Product Nominal Thickness (mm)
Bottom beam position
AGEPAN® OSB 3 ECOBOARD according to static requirements
trickle protection
ribbed cardboard ≥ 30
AGEPAN® Loose Fill
ribbed cardboard
Top flooring board ≥ 18
Product beam position
Thickness according to static requirements
Product trickle protection
Product ribbed cardboard
Thickness ≥ 30
Product AGEPAN® Loose Fill
Product ribbed cardboard
Product flooring board
Thickness ≥ 18

Construction example. Details, exact dimensions and thicknesses can be found in the respective test certificates, standards and building regulations. Please observe the processing instructions.

System’s components

AGEPAN® OSB 3 ECOBOARD® The load-bearing panel. For universal use in timber frame constructions. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® OSB 4 ECOBOARD® The high load-bearing panel. For universal use in timber frame constructions. KNOW MORE
AGEPAN® LOOSE FILL For levelling out uneven floors. User-friendly and promoting healthy living, as manufactured from the natural raw material shale. KNOW MORE
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