Holz Rettet Klima
Holz Rettet Klima

"Wood saves the climate": Sonae Arauco supports the Wood 2030 mission

There are still misconceptions about the role of wood and forests in climate protection. Many people associate the felling of trees with negative environmental impacts without understanding that a sustainable timber industry contributes to climate protection.


The German Timber Industry Council (DHWR) is therefore currently launching the "Wood saves the climate" communication campaign. It aims not only to draw attention to the benefits of wood but also to highlight the outstanding work of our industry. As a member of the VHI (Association of the German Wood-Based Panel Industry), Sonae Arauco is supporting this awareness campaign together with many other players.


Dr. Steffen Körner, General Manager of Sonae Arauco Deutschland: “At Sonae Arauco, we know the value of wood and have a dedicated team of employees who work every day to improve the world we live in through our engineered wood-based solutions. However, the value of wood also needs to be better understood outside our industry. Wood is natural, recyclable, renewable and a material with a remarkable ability to retain CO2, the main cause of climate change. In addition, our wood-based materials are characterised by high technical performance. So we are developing solutions that not only perform well, but also play an important role in the development that the world needs to make into a new economic paradigm. How many materials are there like this?”


In the coming weeks and months, the "Wood saves the climate - Mission Wood 2023" campaign will be widely communicated. We at Sonae Arauco will also be participating and invite everyone to actively share the campaign’s materials and messages, for example via social media or newsletters. Together with the DHWR and all its partners, we want to positively influence politicians and society as a whole that the use of wood and active forest management make an important contribution to climate protection.




100% of the wood used by Sonae Arauco comes from sustainable, certified or controlled sources


Sonae Arauco uses 100% wood from sustainable and responsible sources, not only in Germany but also at all international locations. We also have one of the best examples of a circular bioeconomy model in decades: given its strategic importance, the increase in the proportion of recycled wood in industrial processes has been made possible by numerous investments. These include, for example, the acquisition of state-of-the-art recycling equipment and increasing the wood cleaning capacity of our chipboard production plants. At the same time, Sonae Arauco is working on several pioneering projects aimed at accelerating the processing of wood waste into new fibres and thus further increasing the recycling potential of wood-based materials.


What can you do:

Sharing is caring.


    • Share knowledge: Share information about the benefits of a sustainable timber industry. Together we can overcome these misconceptions.
    • Make sustainable choices: When making purchasing decisions, choose wood-based products over other materials. 
    • Alternatively, follow, engage with, and share #holzretteklima and #mission2030 hashtags in your posts across all social media apps. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




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