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The space has a variety of different materials from the Innovus decors Collection, such as unicolours and Coloured MDF boards. The most recent finishes in the Innovus Collection are also part of this innovative project: Stucco – inspired by industrial environments, urban lofts and materials of a natural origin – and Fusion – with the look of handcrafted wood and a warm, natural touch – will awaken the senses and the desire to touch.

For Vítor Carvalho Araújo, the project designer, “the nature of the spaces called for an integrated solution: the panelling options are the most expressive support for the different types of spaces while ensuring suitable environmental lighting and sound characteristics. The large-scale use of Sonae Arauco's wall panelling and partitions with panels ensured the functional effectiveness and aesthetic coherence of the whole”.

From an architect's point of view, the panelling solutions used meet the “technical requirements –
resistance, flexibility, acoustic attenuation, construction process and maintenance”, without neglecting the exploration of colour and texture. 

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Cascais, Portugal

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