Historical Teatro Jordão refurbished with Innovus®

About the project

Teatro Jordão, in Guimarães, was built in the 1930s and was typical of theatres in Portugal at the time, serving as a place for travelling theatre companies to stage their plays. It was seen as a pioneering icon in the urban context it was part of, but it fell into disuse over time.


This theatre underwent remodelling and refurbishing work that earned it recognition in the 10th National Award for Urban Regeneration (PNRU). This programme included the refurbishment of the "Auto Garagem Avenida” building, which dates from the same period and is one of the best examples of the Art Deco aesthetic in Guimarães.


For the team from the Pitágoras Group, the main goal of this project was to respect “the historical importance of the buildings and all the notable elements that were to be preserved”.


Wild Oak Brown (M6287), with the Fusion finish, and Cosmopolitan#1 (M6282), which is highlighted by the Flow finish, were the decors chosen to complement this project. “These Innovus decors were selected because of their resistance and harmonious appearance. Above all, they're references that are in line with the look and feel we wanted for the concept of Teatro Jordão and how it’s going to be used”.


The Cosmopolitan#1 and Wild Oak Brown decors are versatile, sophisticated proposals. The different shades of brown and organic shapes tend to bring out feelings of serenity and wellbeing - weighty factors indeed for the success of Teatro Jordão, which is now opening its doors as the School of Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Music.




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