Ageas building: a trendy space for a flexible working environment

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The pandemic thrust the world of work into a new reality and has led some companies to create hybrid spaces for a more flexible experience.


This was the motto for the new Ageas headquarters in Lisbon. The insurance company wanted to bring all its offices together into a new headquarters building in the city and challenged Broadway Malyan to create a responsive space with the flexibility to accommodate the company today and into the future, while also communicating its strong culture, mission and purpose.


“An office that would support new ways of working with a range of flexible and collaborative workspaces around a series of vibrant common areas that foster and encourage interaction and community was at the heart of the brief”, explained João Fonseca and Joana Mendão, the architects responsible for the project.


The Broadway Malyan team chose the Salerno Oak Golden | Fusion (M6263) décor. The appearance of real wood and its natural texture and touch were key to enhancing the interior design. For João Fonseca and Joana Mendão, “Salerno Oak Golden stands out for its quality and visual uniformity, contributing to the fluidity of the working environment which is the foundation of this project: -the principle of equality and that employees should be able to work anywhere. A building where no space has one single function and few of the spaces are fixed and rigid”.


The inspiration behind the project was “the evolving reality that traditional boundaries in the workplace sector are becoming increasingly blurred”, said the architects. The modern workplace is becoming a “hybrid of different influences and ideas that are both experiential and surprising for the end user”, a concept that perfectly fits the new Ageas office.



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