A new and modern store design with the Innovus Collection

About the project

Innovus woods and fantasies from Sonae Arauco give the Küstenrad e-bike store in Pinneberg, Germany a new sparkle. In particular, Seastone Pale (F2295) with the Cosmos texture for the stone elements and Stockholm Pine (M6220) with the Fusion texture for the wood elements play an outstanding role. Seastone Pale gives the shop a maritime feel, while Stockholm Pine creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

The warm colours and high quality tactile feel of these decors create an inviting atmosphere that enhances the customer experience. Innovus decors not only give the store an aesthetic appeal, they also play a key role in making customers feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they step inside. The combination of high quality design and authentic materials underlines the quality of the service and invites customers to take their time and discover the different e-bike models.

SCHEMBERG Einrichtungen GmbH from Mettingen, responsible for the planning and implementation, played a major role in giving the store its fresh new look.

Christian Penke, assistant to the management at my Boo GmbH / Küstenrad E-Bike Stores, is extremely satisfied with the result: "The wood and stone decor that has found its way into our store is an ideal match for the colours of the coast, the customer experience when entering the store is very positively charged and the colours of the stone and wood decors are harmoniously warm and significantly enhance the overall store design. The colours and textures of Seastone Pale and Stockholm Pine stimulate the imagination and let the mind explore the coastal landscape where customers will soon enjoy riding their new e-bikes".

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