Wood recycling is one of Sonae Arauco's most strategic investments and we are a long-term partner. Currently, we are upgrading, upscaling and increasing our capacity to integrate wood recycling into our final products.


Unique fully integrated process: as we manage the entire value chain, we guarantee that the wood collected will be integrated into new boards.


Through Ecociclo, in Portugal, and Tecmasa, in Spain, we provide companies and municipalities a quality service, either through the wood waste disposal in our recycling centres or assuring the materials’ collection and transportation.  

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Our recycling centres’ capillarity allows us to be near the sources and to provide a competitive and customised service to our clients.


Our practices respect the environment and our processes guarantee the products’ technical performance. 


With the expertise of several decades in the area, we count on a direct team of more than 100 persons directly working with recycled wood. 

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