Orders When the customer send the orders by using EDI, they will have a faster processing time since the orders will be automatically integrated into Sonae Arauco sales processing system. This eliminates processing errors and turn ordering processes easier and faster.
Orders confirmation Confirmed Quantities, Prices and dates will be sent to the customer’s system and can be automatically matched against the original purchase order.
Dispatch information Also known as shipping notification, it means that the client will receive in advance the exact information when the truck leaves Sonae Arauco facilities. With this information, the customer can prepare the warehouse, adjust the production plan or create automatically inbound receptions in the system.
Invoices Invoices will be integrated into customer system automatically, increasing accounts payables team efficiency. Invoice matching and posting workflow processes can be built. Faster processing times will allow customers to take full advantage of timely payment discounts, besides reducing costs by saving on paper handling, scanning and storage.