Hostel Pórtico Betanzos

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The Hostal Pórtico is located in the middle of the historic centre of Betanzos, near the English Way. This hostel is the result of the remodelling of an old residential building in a new contemporary style that provides an atmosphere full of elegance and comfort. The specialists in hotel decoration projects, PF1 Interiorismo, chose two decors from the Innovus collection for this renovation. The contemporary style is based on current solutions that are adaptable and full of personality, so the choice fell on two of the most elegant decors in the New Innovus Collection: M6283 Cosmopolitan #2 and M6266 Exotic Air. The combination of these wood decors gave rise to environments full of serenity, intimacy and relaxation. Because of their durability, versatility and antibacterial properties, Innovus decors have been specially designed for residential, restaurant, healthcare and hospitality environments, as well as other public and commercial spaces.

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Betanzos, Espagne

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