PB P3 Fire X

PB P3 Fire X is a particleboard with added fire retardants for humid conditions. It has a fine sanded finish, making it suitable for countless decorative surfaces applications, such as decorative paper, veneer or laminate. Its inner layer is available with or without red pigment, according to application needs. Given its fire retardant properties, this product helps to delay combustion. This means that when it is submitted to the fire high temperature (reaching 700ºC in the first few minutes), it does not deform like steel, crack like plaster or melt like plastic. This allows greater reaction and intervention time for firefighting and delaying the fire spread, as it does not give off flames or inflammable particles. These vital extra minutes can contribute to save lives, money and property. Sonae Arauco products are tested in external laboratories and are subject to regular performance and production process assessment and verification, in accordance with system 1 of EN 13986. In these tests, the release rates of heat and smoke are monitored and recorded by instruments and the physical transformations of the products are observed. Regarding to fire behaviour, PB P3 Fire X is classified as B-s1, d0 (Euroclasse definition by EN 13501-1).